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I'm the Creator of Vegan Knees® - a brand and community that promotes a plant-based lifestyle. 


My journey with food shifted for the sake of my knees - hence, the birth of Vegan Knees. As a basketball player, my body had been put through a lot, including 2 ACL reconstructions and several other knee surgeries, totaling 6. I dealt with daily pain for 10 years, and in my young age, realized that my body was going down the wrong path in an attempt to overcome and be healthy. My turning point was during a doctor's appointment - watching a room full of people waiting for their knee injections of cortisone, and listening to my ortho tell me that I was looking at my future if we couldn't get inflammation under control (which of course was causing other issues).

It wasn't until a video came across my social media feed. I saw professional athletes who talked about the way their bodies had changed - significant improvement recovery, inflammation, training, efficiency, and everything in-between. Three months of plant-based research, then I made the change; and here I am, more than 5 years of being plant-based. It only took about 2 weeks for my knee pains to subside. My knees were my reason - my, "Why." The way my entire body feels is why I can't go back.

I have enjoyed helping others make the transition; to see the creativity they possess in the kitchen; to see their bodies and mindsets shift. Today, I look to make an even bigger impact - reaching more of the community, collaborating with local and national organizations, and elevating confidence through apparel.



Drake University

Speaker - health & nutrition

Grace Fitness

The Black Health Challenge panelist

Healthiest State Initiative, in partnership w/the Greater Des Moines Partnership and Capital Crossroads

Make it OK campaign - mental health series panelist

Iowa Center for Economic Success

Speaker - supporting Black-owned businesses

Small business highlight

VegLife Des Moines

Transition to Vegan co-facilitator

Business highlight