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Favorite Local Vegan Spots

2 of my favorite local Des Moines, IA restaurants - Blue Sushi and Dirt Burger

Blue Sushi Sake Grill, 316 Court Ave, Des Moines

Listen - an ENTIRE vegan sushi menu just for us......I could cry. Can I tell you a secret? My husband - who's not vegan/plant-based - prefers the vegan sushi options. I promise you won't be disappointed. Though I like to mix things up when I order, what stays constant is the "Cowgirl" - warm and savory.

You might want to check your local area, as they also have locations in Nebraska, Texas, Colorado, Kansas, Illinois, Kentucky, Indiana, and Ohio.


Dirt Burger, 407 E 5th St, Des Moines

This, my friends, is an all vegan burger joint. I've been a regular since they opened in 2019. The list of burgers is plenty - and I've had them all. My favorite? The "Volcano".

It's not often that you run into a spot where not only do they list all ingredients on their website, but they also make everything in-house - including their burgers and their recently launched shakes and malts. Oh, and they're made with oat milk.....that's also made from scratch. It doesn't get any better than this! My go-to is the Cookies n Cream shake.

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